Agency Apéro, perfect.a.n.d.beautiful, HP BLUME

The Agency Apéro (Beatrice Bucher, Christine von Raven and Yannik Plachtzik) develops strategies for urban transformations in an investigative, critical and cooperative way with a multitude of participating actors. The aperitif as a planning method is the decisive basis for the work of the agency.

perfect and beautiful (Sonja Schwarz, Jana Rzehak, Jule Hägele) opens a free space for experimental and contemporary communication design. In the design process, the focus is not only on the search for visually interesting images, but also on the development of unconventional communication concepts.

HP BLUME (HP Lutsch, Marvin Flores Unger) is a collective that explores relationships between people and their environment. With a background in research, industrial design and audiovisual installation, they use remnants of past structures to form new abstract worlds that invite us to question the status quo.

With the project Wir wollen baden! (We want to swim!) the three collectives Agency Apéro, perfect.a.n.d.beautiful and HP BLUME enter into an interdisciplinary exchange and jointly shape urban transformation in, on and along the Neckar.

Collage © Agency Apéro, perfect.a.n.d.beautiful, HP BLUME

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