Ülkü Süngün

Ülkü Süngün is a visual artist living and working in Stuttgart, where she studied sculpture at the State Academy of Fine Arts (Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart). In her works she uses mixed media such as photography, video, installation and sculpture, and in recent years she has realized several performances in public space. With her artistic research, she investigates migration and identity politics as well as memory through process-oriented as well as collaborative approaches. With the "Institute for Artistic Migration Research", founded in 2017, she makes this artistic, social and socio-critical practice structurally visible and uses spaces nomadically. Most recently, as part of a residency at Zeitraumexit in Mannheim, she realized an urban research project, Gemeingut Jungbusch, which deals with migration, cultural institutions, and gentrification. As a lecturer at the Merz Akademie and the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart, she also dealt with emancipatory issues in teaching. In 2013, the memorial site for deported Jews, which she designed, was inaugurated in Stuttgart's Killesbergpark.


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