Begleitbüro SOUP

Stuttgart Observatory of Urban Phenomenon e.V.

The Begleitbüro SOUP is an artistic constellation, conducting long-term observations of urban processes for the purpose of making results publicly accessible in the form of exhibitions, interventions, publications and performative walks. The activities of SOUP revolve around explorations of mock-up typologies of architecture, the phenomenon of illusionistic architecture, the abysses of obsessive world models – along with designing participation processes in a politically charged environment.

Hirschgang – Eine Rückführung, Ausstellung/Videoinstallation SOUP  Württembergischer Kunstverein/Querungen 2015 © SOUP 

SOUP are currently comprised of: Ulrich Bernhardt, Florentine Bofinger, Steffen Bremer, Michael Gompf, Kurt Grunow, Barbara Karsch-Chaieb, Jens Lyncker, Andreas Mayer-Brennenstuhl, Peter Schmidt, Alexander Sowa, Harry Walter.

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