Barbara Holub

Barbara Holub is an artist living in Vienna. She is concerned with the question of what role art can play in society and conducted the research project Planning Unplanned. Darf Kunst eine Funktion haben? Towards a new Function of Art. A publication of the same name appeared in 2015. Since the 1990s, Barbara Holub has been creating performative settings in public urban spaces or corporate enterprises for "silent activism" to stimulate actions that transcend imagined or actual boundaries. A monograph on her work will be published in 2022 (de Gruyter Verlag). With Paul Rajakovics she founded transparadiso in 1999 as a transdisciplinary practice and developed the method of direct urbanism and received the Austrian Art Award 2018.

Currently she realizes NORMAL – direkter Urbanismus x 4, Graz Kulturjahr 2020 (A), Harbour for Cultures in Trieste (I) and curates WE PARAPOM!, Cultural Capital Chemnitz 2025.

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