HONF (House of Natural Fiber)

M. Haryo Hutomo, Dwiky K.A, Yoga Permana Putra, Gamaliel Zefanya , Irene Agrivina, Dhoni Yudhanto, Liyana Fuad, Nona Yoanisarah

HONF started as a collective in 1999 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, as a place for open expression, the arts and cultural technologies, in the wake of the Indonesian ‘revolution’. HONF meaning the 'House of Natural Fiber' was born in reaction to the social and political turmoil prevailing under the Suharto regime, its nepotism and governmental corruption. The collective continues to run various programs, activities and research projects under a curriculum called EFP (Education Focus Program). This focuses on the everyday application and praxis of collaborative, cross-disciplinary and technological actions in reaction to social, cultural and environmental challenges. EFP responds to the needs of societies in development and transition.


With the expansion of the collective in 2003, a media laboratory for the arts, science and technology of an open, transdisciplinary community was established. By 2011, HONF Foundation was founded, hosting three labs; v.u.f.o.c an extraterrestrial study center; HONFablab a digital fabrication lab; and HONF Factory a digital culture and media forum. By 2020, the Indonesian Centre For Arts, Science and Technology was created, from where the HONF communities, programs and activities are actively run.

in collaboration with ITTP (Institut Teknologi Telkom Purwokerto)


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