Atelier Ameisenberg / Werkstatthaus

Oana Vainer & Michl Schmidt

The Atelier Ameisenberg (Michl Schmidt / Oana Vainer) aims to develop around a sculptural discourse on topics such as material, technique, understanding and communication. This collaboration materializes itself in a laboratory where inclusive models can be created and tested, involving the immediate neighborhood. Atelier Ameisenberg's collaborative investigations express themselves in objects, installations, performances and workshops and as direct communicative relationships with the audience.

The Atelierhaus in the Ameisenbergstraße, as well as the Werkstatthaus in the Villa Hauff, are places with blind spots in their more than 100 years of history that give rise to various speculations. These blind spots will be the subject of investigation in the cooperation between Atelier Ameisenberg and the Werkstatthaus.

The Werkstatthaus is a transdisciplinary platform for art production and art education. Workshops in the fields of sculpture, ceramics, textiles, painting, photography, media and film offer a diverse range of courses and open formats. Artistic skills play just as important a role as the communication of strategies and content. The Werkstatthaus is an institution of the Stuttgarter Jugendhaus Gesellschaft. It is open to all age groups and offers opportunities for artists, cultural workers and interested people from all walks of life. Collaborations with other institutions, initiatives and individuals from the fields of art, culture and education are an important concern for the Werkstatthaus as an open place for cultural development and artistic experimentation.

© Oana Paula Vainer

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