Gilly Karjevsky

Gilly Karjevsky is an independent curator of critical spatial practice (Rendell) based in Berlin. She works at the intersection of ethics of care and the curatorial, looking at languages of practice, in relation to site and situation. She is a founding member of (soft agency) where she was curator for "Caring" (HKW, 2020), "Climate Care" (Floating University, 2019) and "Formats of Care" (UDK and Vienna Academy of Arts, 2019). She is Program lead at the Floating University where she is investigating a collaborative lexicon process–"Silent Conversation" (since 2018). She was curator of "Jardin Essentiel" for Parckdesign biennal (Brussels, 2016). She has acted as curator for various artist residencies in municipal departments (Brussels, 2016, Holon 2014, Jerusalem, 2012). She is co-director of 72 Hour Urban Action, with editions in various European cities since 2010. Gilly’s writings have been published in several readers, magazines, monographs and compilations, and she is editor of a forthcoming ARCH+ publication summarizing a decade of 72HUA.

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